Course Overview

This course is designed to give an understanding of the benefits of math used in water treatment and the water distribution system. This course will concentrate heavily on practical, theory and problem solving exercises, including step by step calculations for reference. It is an excellent course for participants to prepare for the math section in their Certification Exams, often a cause of stress and anxiety for many operators.

This course is suitable for both Water Distribution & Water Treatment Operators

Enabling Objectives:

  • Understanding which math formula to use and how to apply the formula to a math problem
  • Give an understanding of the conversions needed to complete the math formulas
  • Understanding how to calculate areas, and volumes
  • Understanding how to calculate velocities and flows in a water system
  • Understanding how to calculate a chemical dosage and the amount of chemical to use for a given volume of water
  • Calculate the horsepower needed to lift a given volume against a given head
  • Calculate the efficiencies of your water treatment process
  • Calculate filter loading rate and filter backwash rate
  • Understanding the importance of detention time in water treatment and how to calculate it

Duration & Credits

2.0 Day • 1.4 CEU

Upcoming Course Dates / Locations

  • Dec 19, 2022 / London
  • Dec 19, 2022 / Ottawa

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