Our Story

Our Training and Operations group was originally established by XCG Consultants Ltd., an engineering consulting organization founded in 1990 that focused on water, wastewater, and environmental services. Following the Walkerton, Ontario tragedy, the Ontario government enacted laws which included better training and certification of operators. In response to the demand for water and wastewater training, a dedicated subsidiary, XCG Training and Operations Inc., was officially launched in 2008. The training program focused on alleviating the stress municipalities faced from evolving government regulations and associated required training. In 2009, we established a fully equipped training trailer that provided services directly to client locations, increasing the value and convenience for our clients.

In 2017, XCG Training and Operations Inc. was acquired by Cole Engineering, and was rebranded as Cole Training and Operations. In December 2020, Cole Training and Operations was acquired by IBI Group, and has now become IBI Group Training and Operations. Over the course of our history, we have successfully developed over 60 tailored water and wastewater management programs and continue to grow to meet provincial standards and the needs of our clients.

Training Advisory Board

Our Training Advisory Board members have over 50 years of combined experience in water and wastewater management. Our Board members have a number of professional accreditations, and have been recognized through a variety of industry-related awards and publications, all adding to their extensive expertise within the sector. They are dedicated to developing courses that are current and in-line with the Ministry of Environment requirements.
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Our instructors all have over 20 years of experience in water and wastewater resource management, holding a variety of licenses and industry-related expertise. Many of our instructors are former municipal employees and bring real world knowledge and experience that extends beyond a training manual.
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Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our day-to-day operations run efficiently, always keeping our clients top of mind. Their work includes overseeing client requests and accomodations, and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the training process.
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